1 Feb 2015
Service down due to attack
Some of our servers are currently under a denial of service attack. This means that an attacker is flooding some of our IP addresses with garbage requests and preventing us from serving pages for legitimate requests. The primary datacenters affected include the AZ location, because of this attack services for some domain are unavailable. We are working with our datacenter to mitigate the...
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9 Apr 2014
HeartBleed: SSL Encryption vulnerability
Earlier this week, security researchers publicly released one of the most significant security vulnerabilities of recent history. Dubbed the “Heartbleed” bug, the impacts of this vulnerability are far reaching and affect everyone. In summary, the vulnerability allows an attacker to steal the encryption key off of vulnerable servers, computers, and devices that is used to provide...
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26 May 2011
Client portal upgrade
We are currently making changes to our client portal and ordering system. Their will be a temporary change in the client area layout pending the completion of this upgrade. Please let us know if you experience any issues accessing your information or completing an order process.
15 Feb 2011
Plesk 10 Control panel
We have completed the control panel upgrade on all our server to Plesk 10. For all sitebuilder users, Old version of Sitebuilder is no longer integrated with Plesk. if you are unable to login to your Sitebuilder, please submit a ticket so our engineers can resolve your issue. Thank you Afrowebservers Support