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Can I Automate Backups of my Website?

Absolutely. Your backup is completely self-managed, and you have control over the scripts and programs you run on your can create a scheduled task in the control panel for automated backup

Can I get a Dedicated IP Address?

You can have a dedicated IP address, however you will have to pay extra for it. We charge $5 per month for a dedicated IP address

Can I restrict access to certain pages of my website?

You can password protect various folders on your website to restrict access. A protected folder would restrict access to all of the web pages contained within that folder. This ensures data security.

Can you restore a deleted file from my Online File Folder?

Yes, we can restore deleted files that are less than 14 days old and on our backup servers. In order to restore a deleted file, A request has to be made to technical support and pay applicable fee.

How do I upload my Website?

First of all, make sure your web hosting account with us is activated. To subscribe to a web hosting plan please visit our webstie Afrowebservers.comThe standard way of transferring files from your...

How do i manage my domain hosting?

To manage your hosting features, please log in to the client area. Supply login information used when signing up. Click on "My Hosting Packages" in the client area , in the page that...

How do i view the advanced web statistics for my website?

To view the analysis of your web site activity log, go to this url http://yourdomain/plesk-stat/webstat/ where yourdomain is the url of your web site. you can also secure the web statistics...

How does FTP permission works in Unix?

Permissions are set with a combination of three numbers - eg, 735. The first number represents the owner of the file (you), the second the group that you belong to, and the third is called 'world'...

What technical support does Webproservers offer?

Our experienced support team is available 24 hours a day via email and from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern time via online chat and phone  Monday-Saturday to assist you with any problems...

Which web traffic software do you use?

Each hosting account has graphical web statistics reports produced daily. These power report gives you a web-based statistic of your website.These statistics are generated you can view the...

Why Can�t I upload my Webpage using frontpage?

By default, Microsoft FrontPage tries to upload your site using the HTTP protocol, which we don't support. You can however force it to use FTP, by specifying your server name like...

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