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Can I change my web site

Changing a website type after saving or publishing your website will result in loss of pages already saved or published. The page set for each type has different page names.Instead of changing the...

Can i submit my website to search engines?

Yes you can submit your website to search engines from the control panel. to submit your website:1)Login to your account2)select the domain you want to submit3)select the "remote admin for...

Google map API is not working

To use the Google map APIi you will need an API key for your website from google. The Google map API service is completely free but the Microsft equivalent is not.To start, select the service...

How do i transfer my trial site to my account?

To transfer your trial site created in the Sitebuilder Wizard to your webspace follow the instructions below:1)Login to your account2)select the domain you want to submit3)select the "remote...

Is it possble to change my Template?

You can change your template layout at any time. There is no limit to how many times you can change your template but you may lose some content if you change your pageset.

Is there any documentation to assist me with designing my web site using sitebuilder?

Flash tutorial videos to assist you with all aspect of your hosting will be available soon. Please use the user guide as a reference for now. 

when i try to republish my webste i get the error message Configuration error: Define the order in which the default documents (default.htm, default.aspx, etc.) will be used to respond the browser request..

If you receive this error please go to the control panel and select the domain you are publishing to, Click on Web Directories and click on Preferences, locate "Default.aspx" within...

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