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The Myth

There is a misconception that because you use a Windows operating system at work and home, you should choose the windows platform, this is not true. As long as you understand FTP and your web publishing software, you can use any hosting platform Another misconception is that Windows is buggy, insecure and unstable while Linux is the perfect opposite. We can tell you after many years of experience that a server's stability and security rest with the administrator and depends largely on the hardware employ and mode of configuration of the server. We assure you that our windows and Linux servers are secure and dependable. We take security and quality of our services very serious.

Making the Choice

Which platform is ideal for your hosting needs depends largely on the contents of your web site, what you want your site to do and what you want to offer on your web pages. If you intend to host an interactive web site using active server pages then you should select your hosting accordingly. Applications scripted in ASP, ASP.NET, Access or MS SQL database traditionally run on Windows. PHP, Perl, MySQL or PostgreSQL run on Linux platform. Bear in mind that ASP is now also supported on Linux as PHP and Perl on Windows. If your web site is going to be static web pages then you can host your site on any type of web server, regardless of the operating system. Static or basic pages are written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) which the browser interprets into the web pages as we see them, containing text, tables, and images. Irrespective of your choice there are some features common to all hosting platforms. All web servers are configured to support HTML files and JavaScript. It is also reasonable to expect that any hosting services these days also has an outgoing mail server Both our Linux hosting and Windows hosting servers come with a GUI Plesk control panel to easily manage your hosting package. So whichever one you chose there is no difference in control panel except for the features they offer thereby making the Linux hosting equally easy to manage as Windows. If you are still unsure on what platform to choose contact us and tell us about your hosting needs and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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