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What are Afrowebservers DNS servers?

If you have an existing domain name and you want to direct it to our servers, you will need to ask your existing registrar to change the DNS servers for your domain.You might also be able to make...

What is domain redemption period?

"Redemption Period" or ("RGP") is a 30-90day timeframe after a registrar has deleted an expired domain. "Pending Delete" as it applies to .com and .net domains refers to the 5-day timeframe...

How do i manage my domain hosting?

To manage your hosting features, please log in to the client area. Supply login information used when signing up. Click on "My Hosting Packages" in the client area , in the page that...

How do I check my email online?

All hosting plans comes with an online webmail. Using any web browser type the address

Is there any documentation to assist me with designing my web site using sitebuilder?

Flash tutorial videos to assist you with all aspect of your hosting will be available soon. Please use the user guide as a reference for now.